Rural harmony - Bucovina - Bogdan Epure photography


This is a special gallery for me.

Bucovina is my birthplace so I am attached to that land more than many are willing to believe. It is one of the most beautiful regions of Romania and through these images I am not trying to emphasize only that. What I try to show is that humans can live in harmony with the nature. Taking from it to satisfy their need not their greed. I'm talking not only about Bucovina here, but about my entire country and most of the Eastern Europe. We should learn to respect some limits. Even though respect and manners seem outdated in this century, they are not a "disposable feature". We need them for our own good. So this is what I find in Bucovina and in many regions in my country where people live simply: a high respect for nature and long-term way of viewing and doing things. They don't get rich, but they might be happier and for certain, they have their conscience cleaner than most of us, knowing that, they did their part in saving themselves and the beauty of the planet we live on.

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